About Us

Denver Garden Designs offers workshops, presentations, online courses, and individual consultations for homeowners interested in creating low-water garden designs in the Denver area. The company is a collaboration between two Colorado gardeners who are passionate about ecological gardening and the environmental impact of home landscaping. We bring a fresh perspective to an evolving industry.



Felicia Brower is a writer, editor, and Colorado Master Gardener with a deep interest in incorporating low-water plants native to the arid west into the home garden and landscape. She owns Backyard GRDN and regularly attends courses and workshops to stay up-to-date on new trends in home landscaping, especially those catered towards growing in the Rocky Mountain region.



Andrea Zimmer is a professional horticulturist living in Englewood, CO. She launched her landscape business, Little Plot Gardens, in 2021 after taking her first Permaculture Design Course where she saw the potential to bridge her love of gardening, community building, and climate activism. She volunteers with Arapahoe County Master Gardeners Program along with several community gardening sites in Englewood.




We love teaching others, so if you’re looking for a speaker for your group or business, please get in touch for rates. 

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